Technologies of Underwater Wet Welding and Cutting - Kiev 2006

The book deals with the features of arcing, metal transfer and joint formation in consumable-electrode wet underwater welding. Principles of development of coated electrodes and self-shielded flux-cored wires for underwater welding and cutting are established. Characteristics of welding consumables and mechanical properties of weld metal are given. Some types of joints, procedure of preparation and fit-up for welding, possible defects of the joints and methods to prevent their formation are described.

Information on characteristic damage to the underwater metal structures is generalized, and technological solutions are given, which have been implemented during restoration of their performance, using wet processes of underwater welding and cutting. The book gives the characteristics of the equipment for implementation of underwater arc welding process.

The main processes of thermal underwater cutting are presented, and characteristics of consumable materials and equipment for its implementation are described. Examples of work performance using underwater cutting are given.

The book is designed for scientific and engineering-technical personnel, qualified welders-divers involved in design, fabrication and repair of underwater constructions.

The book is written by a specialist, who is developing electrode materials and technologies and has a vast experience of practical work under the water.